COVID-19 Information

Key information regarding Covid-19 protocols and travel requirements.

Competition Rules
In case an athlete tests positive and is in isolation, because of these exceptional circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is allowed to enter a reserve athlete up to 1 hour before the competition. The reserve athlete must be a registered athlete for the competition.
Mandatory Aruba Visitors InsuranceBecause of the COVID-19 pandemic, the island of Aruba must ensure that all
visitors are properly insured and that local medical- and non-medical providers are
not left with unpaid bills. Subject to some sub limits and overall limit of US$ 75,000.00 a visitor who tests positive for COVID-19 in Aruba, will have very few, if any, out-of-pocket expenses. The medical- and non-medical providers are paid directly by the locally licensed insurers, giving you a peace of mind in case you test positive for COVID-19 in Aruba.
To start the application process, please visit:
Costs are as follows:
Ages 0-14: US$ 10.00 for stays not exceeding 180 days.
Ages 15-75: US$ 30.00 for stays not exceeding 180 days.
Covid Positive Test Result:In case of a POSITIVE TEST RESULTS within a delegation:
The test results will be revealed by the Department of Public Health.
Following all procedures, as stipulated by the host hotel the
athlete/coach/judge/chaperone will be transported to a designated isolation location and any identified associated contact(s) to a designated quarantine location.
All athletes/coaches/judges/chaperones are to follow all health and safety
regulations during this process and must pack and take all belongings with him/her to a designated isolation and quarantine location.
The confirmed case will remain in isolation at one of the designated properties until recovered.
Throughout the isolation process, medical follow-up will be conducted.
Once the patient recovers and tests negative, he/she can resume vacation or depart the destination.
Positive cases showing symptoms are required to stay in isolation for 10 days.
Asymptomatic positive cases are required to stay in isolation for 7 days.
An athlete/coach/judge/chaperone in quarantine has the option of leaving Aruba and returning home in lieu of being relocated at one of the quarantine designated
locations, if allowed by authorities.

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