General Information

This section provides an overview of important dates and information related to the competition.

Important Dates

March 1stPreliminary entries due
April 1st50% of all Registration Fees due
April 20thFinal Entries due & Final 50% of all Registration Fees due
May 1stFinal date to upload music and routine sheets to OC

Official Competition Dates: May 25 – 28, 2021

Hosted by:Aruba Aquatics Federation
Union Americana de Natacion (UANA)
Meet Manager:Natascha de Veer,, mobile: +297 5930015
Events: (Technical and Free routines are separate events)12&U and 13-15: Figures, Solo, Duet, Mixed Duet, Team
Junior and Senior: Solo Tech/Free, Duet Tech / Free, Mixed Duet Tech / Free, Team Tech / Free
Open (13 yrs and older): Free Combination
Categories:Age 12 & Under: Born in 2009 or later
Age 13 to 15: Born in 2006 – 2008
Junior (Ages 15-19): Born in 2002 – 2006
Senior (15 +): Born in 2006 or before

*Competitors for the Junior Age Group shall be between fifteen (15) years and nineteen (19) years of age on December 31st in the year of the competition, according to FINA guidelines for 2021.
Sanctioned by:Union Americana de Natacion (UANA)
Federation Internationale de Natacion (FINA)
Rules:This competition will be conducted under the FINA and UANA Rules.

Venue Information

Pool Information:Piscina Olimpico Roly Bisslik
Savaneta 302
Pool Dimension:Competition Pool: 25M X 25M
Entire Pool Length: 50M X 25M
Entry: Stage
Outdoor pool
Airport:Aeropuerto International Reina Beatrix
Transportation:Host hotel (HYATT Place) is a 2-minute walk once outside the airport terminal. Each Federation will be met by a local representative to accompany them to the Host Hotel.
Transportation to and from the pool will be by bus, approximately a 15-minute ride.
Practice Space:Practice time and space will depend on COVID protocols and schedule at the time.
Music Practice:Once final entries are received, a schedule will be posted on the event website.


Participants:Every participant in the championship must be a member of a Club, Regional or National Team of a Federation duly constituted and affiliated with FINA & UANA. The Federation must be in good standing with both FINA & UANA. The individuals participating in these championships must be citizens of the country which they represent, with the understanding that they are members of UANA, through their respective Federations.
Non-UANA Federations:Non-UANA Federations may enter the 2021 UANA Pan American Artistic Swimming Championship events under the following provisions and regulations:
• Each Foreign Federation may enter the competition under the same rules as described in this summons.
• Entries made by the Federation must be accompanied with a written
approval that the athletes have permission of the Federation to attend the
• Non-UANA Federations will compete as “Honorary” and will receive awards in the Open Championships results.
Visa Invitation & Vaccinations:Aruba Aquatics Federation will provide a letter of invitation to the Championships, if needed, to those Federations that require a VISA to enter Aruba.
For information on Yellow Fever vaccination, please visit: yellow fever
Information regarding COVID will be in the addendum.
General Rules: Each Federation may enter with National Teams, Regional Teams or Clubs. The entry in each category is the decision of each Federation.

Federations may fill their entry in each category with athletes from a variety of teams or clubs, if they wish. The entry must not exceed two (2) entries per event per Federation and the number of athletes entered must fit in the athlete quota of twenty-four (24) for each age category.

Entry forms will only be accepted from the Federation on behalf of all entries from their country. Entry forms submitted from a Regional Team or Club will not be accepted. All entries will compete as their Federation and not as an individual Regional Team or Club.

Original passports are required for all athletes and the Host Federation may provide photocopies of the passport or Birth Certificates. Passport verification will take place during the Technical Meeting.
Delegate:There will be one (1) Delegate per registered Federation. The Delegate serves as the Head of the Delegation and is appointed by their Federation to represent the Federation at all official functions. Please fill out the name and contact information for this person in the entry form.
Team Leader:The Team Leader will be appointed by their Federation to serve as the liaison between the UANA TASC, OC and the coaches, managers, officials, and athletes of the Federation regarding the administrative management and organizational aspects of the competition. There is a space on the entry forms for the name and contact information of this person, so we can contact the Team Leader if necessary.
There will be one (1) Team Leader per Federation.
Entries:The OC will provide the entry Forms with the pertinent instructions to all
Note: No athletes will be allowed to take part in music practice or compete until all fees have been received by the OC.
Entry Fee:The entry fee is included in the daily charge for accommodation, meals and transportation.
For those who may choose not to stay at the host hotel a rate of US$ 125.00 per person per day will be required. This rate does not include transportation, meals or lodging.
Accreditation Fee:US$ 30.00 accreditation surcharge will be charged for every member of your delegation.
Preliminary Entries:Preliminary entries must be received on or before March 1st, 2021 using the provided online form: You will receive an email confirmation as soon as you send your completed preliminary entry form.
Even though the preliminary entry is due March 1st, 2021, we urge you to submit the information as soon as possible so the OC can make the transportation, meals, and room and board arrangements.
Final Entries:Final entry forms must be received by April 20th, 2021, at 12:00 midnight EDT on the official entry form online: and must be sent by
email to:
Forms must be filled out on the computer and not handwritten.
Entry forms must have the Official Seal of the Federation. A letter must accompany all entries from the Federation, which states that the athletes have permission of the Federation to attend the competition. Only one final entry submission must be received per Federation to enter all athletes and routines from all age groups – no entries will be accepted from individual Clubs or Regional Teams.
Please note: It is essential that we receive the following information as soon as possible to assist with planning for the competition:
• Names of the athletes, birth date, category and events
• Names of the Coaches, Chaperones, Team Leader and Delegate
• Names of the Judges and their level in FINA & UANA
• Arrival and Departure Dates, including airline, time and flight number
It is the responsibility of each Federation to assure that their entries are complete and received within the mentioned deadlines.
Registration Late Fees:Any late entries will be assessed a US$ 150.00 fine after the April 20th, 2021 deadline.
Any change to entries after May 1st, 2021 will be assessed a US$ 150.00 fine.
Additional entries within 7 days of the competition will be assessed a US$ 250.00 fine.
Age Categories Rules:FINA rule ASAG 2.1 will apply: All Age Group competitors remain qualified from January 1st to the following December 31st at the age they are at the close of the day (12 midnight) on December 31st of the year of the competition.
Figure Entry:Each Federation may participate with twelve (12) athletes per Team routine per age group in the Figure events. Any number of athletes over ten (10) will be allowed to participate as “Honorary” or pre-swimmers.

Competition Rules:

12 & U, 13-15, JUNIOR &
Each participating Federation or Club can send a maximum of twenty-four (24) athletes and four (4) coaches for EACH of the age groups, 12 & Under, 13-15, Junior and Senior.
For each age group in solo, duet, mixed duet and team competition athletes can represent each Federation as follows:
If the Federation has two (2) National Team entries in solo, duet, mixed
duet and/or team competition for an age group, no Regional Team or Club
entry from the same Federation is allowed.

If the Federation has one (1) National Team entry in solo, duet, mixed duet
and/or team competition for an age group, then a Regional Team or Club
from the same Federation may enter one (1) solo, duet, mixed duet and/or
team for an age group. A Federation must submit the Regional Team or
Club’s name for UANA approval.

If the Federation has no National Team competitors in a certain age group
for solo, duet, mixed duet and/or team competition, two (2) solos, duets,
mixed duets and/or teams from a Regional Team or Club of the same
Federation are allowed to enter.

For each Federation one (1) solo, one (1) duet, one (1) mixed duet and one (1)
team per age category (12 & Under, 13-15, Junior, Senior) will be permitted to advance to Finals for a maximum of 12 routines. Sections (1), (2), and (3) above also applies to this event regarding the number of athletes that represent the

Please note: Any events with 12 or less competitors will have a Final event only.
(No preliminary).
(Technical and Free
routines are separate
The competition will consist of Technical and Free routines in solo, duet, mixed duet and team. Each Federation may register the same or different athletes for both events.
Each event will be a 100% Final event; scores from the Technical and Free
routines will not be added together to determine final placement. Awards will be given to the top 3 in each Technical and Free event; one award per Federation.
UANA ARUBA 2021 will be the official qualifier for zone 1 and zone 2, for the Junior Pan American Games to be held in Cali, Colombia, 2021.
12 & U & 13-15
The competition will be a Final event only; there will be no preliminary events.
In the 12 & Under and the 13-15 age group categories, each mixed duet event will be a 100% Final event. Figures will not be added to the routine score to determine final placement.
Awards will be given to the top 3 in each mixed duet event; one award per
Finals:Only one (1) solo, one (1) duet, one (1) mixed duet and one (1) team per age
group category (12 & Under, 13-15, Junior, Senior) from each Federation will be permitted to advance to Finals for a maximum of 12 routines in Finals, per each routine event.
In 12 & Under and 13-15, the highest scoring entry using the combined routine and figure scores will advance to Finals; one per Federation. Junior and Senior Technical and Free routine events are 100% Final events.
Teams:Teams of less than 8 swimmers will be assessed a 0.5 deduction per swimmer less than 8 as per FINA rules.
Free Combination:This is an Open category event for competitors at least 13 years of age. Each Federation may enter two (2) routines in the Free Combination event. Each Free Combination may consist of 8-10 athletes.
This event will compete as a 100% Final event; there will be no preliminary event.
Highlight Routine:This is an Open category event for competitors at least 13 years of age. Each Federation may enter two (2) routines in the Highlight Routine event. Each Highlight Routine may consist of 8-10 athletes.
This event will compete as a 100% Final event; there will be no preliminary event.
Awards:Medals will be awarded to first, second and third place in each routine (Technical & Free) and Figure category, per age group. Only one entry per Federation in every event except Figures is eligible for a medal.

An award will be presented to the Federation with the highest overall point
accumulation in each age group category: 12 & Under, 13-15, Junior and Senior.

An overall High Point award will be presented to the Federation accumulating the highest number of points for all events and age categories. The point accumulations will be calculated following Rule GR 9.8.5 from the 2017-2021 FINA Handbook.

Extra Information:

Athletes Parade:The Athletes Parade will be held prior to each FINAL Routine competition. All athletes are encouraged to participate in order of draw in team warm-up suits or appropriate team uniform.
Bathing Suit Check:If desired, bathing suit checks may be done by contacting the TASC Chair.
Flags & National Anthems:Each Federation must bring a flag (100cm x 150cm) of their Country and a digital file of their National Anthem.
Medical Care:As a reminder, all Federations MUST carry their own travel and health

The OC will provide First Aid Personnel at the competition pool.
All Federations must take full responsibility for any other needed medical expenses, including all costs related to COVID testing.
Music Requirements:During the competition, digital music files will be used. Each Federation must provide the email of one person responsible for all its music. Request will be sent to that person.
All digital music files must be uploaded to the following link: and must be received by May 1st, 2021.
Each registered routine must have a distinct digital file, which must be in .mp3 or .wav format.
Coaches must review the quality of the digital files, the timing and the integrity of the tracks. It is recommended that each file has an initial lead of 3 to 5 seconds before the actual recording of the music.
Each file must be identified in the following way, all separated by underscores (_), with no spaces:
Age Group (12U, 13-15, Junior, Senior)
Event (Solo Tech/Free, Duet Tech/Free, Mixed Duet Tech/Free, Team Tech/Free, Combo, Highlight)
Country, Club or Federation
Last Name of Competitor (use both in duet, and first in alphabetical order if more than 2)

Bringing Judges

Bringing Judges:Each participating Federation or Club must bring a minimum of one (1) or a maximum of four (4) FINA/UANA judges. The maximum number of practice judges per Federation is two (2). Judges and practice judges submitted from Federations must be FINA/UANA judges. Judges must be a citizen of the country they represent and hold a passport from that country.
Official Surcharge:Federations not sending a FINA/UANA Judge to the UANA Championship are
required to pay a surcharge of US$ 1000.00 per Federation for 5 or more
swimmers. (US$ 250.00 for 4 or less swimmers).
Note: Federations that do not have a UANA or FINA Judge will not be charged the Officials Surcharge.
Conflict of Interest:Please note the new FINA Conflict of Interest Policy for all Judges. Judges with conflicts will be allowed to judge all events that they do not have a conflict in.
The following categories of people are deemed to have a conflict of interest:
A Relative of a Competitor.
A current Coach of a Competitor or Relative of a current Coach of a
A Team Manager or Relative of a Team Manager.
An inhabitant of the same household of the Competitor and any of a), b)
Someone who receives money from any Federation that has competitors
in the competition.

“Relative” refers to a person connected with another by blood or marriage
(including boyfriend and/or girlfriend). Relative also includes step relationships and is any of parent, child, sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin, grandparent or spouse. “Coach” refers to any person who coaches figures and/or routines on a regular basis to the Competitor.
Judges must observe FINA Code of Ethics Section F (Conflict of Interest) and if a judge neglects to declare a situation of a potential conflict of interest, the FINA President or one of the FINA Executive members may refer the matter to the Ethics Panel.
FINA Evaluator:There will be a FINA Evaluator at this competition.
Judges from Non-Participating Federations:UANA/FINA Judges from non-participating Federations are welcome and will be allowed to judge in the competition, but priority will be given to the judges whose Federation is participating in the competition. Judges must be on the current FINA or UANA list.

Payment Information

April 1st, 2021Fifty percent (50%) of this estimated cost shall be paid in advance to the Organizing Committee.
April 20th, 2021Remaining balance shall be paid to the Organizing Committee.
Note: Each Federation is responsible for the related bank charges that will be incurred by the Organizing Committee and must be included when the funds are transferred.
Wire Transfer
(Name appearing on
Arubaanse Zwembond
Palmitastraat 6B
Account Holder
Email address
(Street, City, Postal
Code, Country)
Camacuri 12
(if applicable)
ABA# 021000021
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